Michelle Becker


M. Becker Co. Inc is a full-service design firm that offers interior design, decorative painting and custom painted furniture. Artist and designer Michelle Becker brings her multidisciplinary background in fine and decorative arts to all her work, whether designing interiors, decorating houses, creating custom finishes or designing gardens.

To the discerning eye, her work is easily recognized by its European roots. Whether the project is an interior or a painted surface it has a relaxed, poetic charm to it. Colors are subtle and classic, pattern and texture are balanced and harmonious, surfaces are refined and possess a patina that imparts an antique quality.

Michelle lived in France for a number of years and traveled throughout Europe studying the art, architecture, interiors and gardens of both public and private sites.

In her early career she spent a decade restoring some of this country’s finest and most significant historic interiors including the White House, the Library of Congress, Grand Central Station, the Manhattan Supreme Court and dozens of public interiors including churches, cathedrals and many state capitol buildings. Later, as Art Director of a major Art & Design firm in NYC, she collaborated with many of the country’s top architects and designers bringing her imagination, creativity and artistic excellence to a broad range of interior projects including restaurants, hotels, casinos, and entertainment venues throughout the Unites States, Europe and Asia.

In 1999 she started M. Becker Co. Inc in pursuit of her true passion; creating residential interiors informed by artistic vision and which possess an old world, lived-in charm. She and her small staff often collaborate with other designers, architects and builders to create unique artistic environments.